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Team ElectroMag group picture!

The end of the end

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And a short four weeks later, the final prototype was over. A brief sixteen weeks after the entire semester began. Whew. It’s amazing to think that it’s finally over. We pitched our final prototype today to the standard group of the cohort and a handful of faculty members. It took strategic planning to make sure […]

First task list!

The middle of the end

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After we had our second round of unanimous interest in making a game about electromagnetism, we drafted up our first task list. Exciting! As a producer who is interested in pure production, i.e. process, Scrum, and all things Agile, breaking down features in to tasks and assigning due dates gets me giddy. We all talked […]

Brainstorm for the final prototype!

The beginning of the end

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Is this the first time I’ve used this title? I can’t remember. BUT! *duhn duhn duhn!* The final prototype. It begins. The difference in this prototype was that we were all allowed to create our own groups. To be honest, I was full of doubt that a group of us dummies could figure out how […]

Fair n Balanced Team Post Mortem

Fair & Balanced Post Mortem

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Whew. what a whirlwind. Amirite? Here are some positives we came away with, as a team, from this prototype: Our ideation phase was PHENOMENAL. We wittled down some problem statements to two different games – one about rape culture and one about ebola. We were on hour two of just straight debate, and Lawrence suggested […]