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Done in Trello!

Whirlwind Week

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Last Tuesday, we got new parameters, new teams, and a tighter deadline. Since then, we’ve been sprinting to do as much as we can as fast as possible, hence the lack of blog posts. This highlights perhaps the first major difference of this assignment – I’m the only producer! Lots of people say being the […]

Crazy Crash's post mortem

Graduation (Friends Forever), Vitamin C

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Let the melody meander through your brain box. No we didn’t graduate but we passed a huge milestone that almost feels like graduation, or maybe initiation. The first prototype has been pitched! The relief washing over me is surreal. Having said that, the relief isn’t exactly long lasting (the next round of prototyping begins next […]

All the post-it notes required to make Crazy Crash!

The end is nigh

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Today was the dry run pitch for the final pitch for the first prototypes of the semester. For all intents and purposes, our first prototype is done. After pitching, our most actionable feedback was to swap out our collectible art for something more related to the mechanic/characters, instead of a battery (it’s abstract. Check this Thursday’s […]

Fine tuning

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We’re less than 7 days away from pitching our first prototype to faculty! That exclamation mark is meant to convey excitement and terror. Tuesday we’re doing a dry run pitch of our prototypes to our professors and cohort (like we did with the first pitches) to iron out kinks and the on to the main […]

Success 101

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The fastest thing I’ve learned in the EAE program is to learn fast. In the most positive way I  can say it, EAE teaches that there are stupid questions and conversely, professors really value smart questions. I don’t think that’s necessarily negative, but without the context that only dumb questions are discouraged (not all questions), I see […]

Video games as contemporary art?

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Last night I had the privilege of attending the first part of this 5 part panel discussion. In a nutshell, the philosopher (C. Thi Nyugen) and video game professional (or academic,  I suppose, since he is a professor in the EAE program, Alex Johnstone)) discussed if video games can be art. Before you close the […]

Roll with the punches

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I mentioned at the end of my last post that our biggest piece of feedback was that our game sounded a lot like Flappy Bird. While in one way this could be an awesome compliment (dude made millions of dollars, right?) I think 98% of game creators are looking to be original, not derivative. One […]