Week 14 – Thursday

3D assets for the monkey, hippo, crocodile and cookies have been created.  The game is playable and is rather fun.  We have altered the physics and size of the objects considerably today in testing.

We have also decided a few changes and outlined future features

Future Features:

The game is set up in waves, and each wave varies in the number of patrolling crocodiles, variety of cookies, slim-down cabbages and other edibles that affect game play.

Update of description when team voted on final name and story behind.

Monkey Loves Hippo is is a timed survival action game for casual gamers where you strive to beat your best score. It features an unlikely pair– a monkey and  a hippo. This oddball couple have a few things in common: eating, eating and eating.  For them, snack food is the tie that binds.

If the monkey moves in one direction, the hippo wildly swings in the opposite direction.  The hippo swings on the monkey’s tail above crocodile-infested waters.  Swipe the monkey up and down or left to right to grab a cookie to gain points, but don’t let the hippo eat too many!  Each time the hippo snatches a cookie, she gets bigger and bigger until the tail stretches and eventually the hippo falls victim to the crocodiles.



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