Week 13 – Tuesday

Today we have some art completed, however we do not yet have our first playable.   The game description was finalized today and is as follows:

Swinging Buddies is a timed survival game for casual gamers where you strive to beat your best score. It features an unlikely pair tethered together– a monkey and  a hippo. Our antagonist is a crocodile.  All of them are hungry, all of them are vying for cookies that are all around them. If the monkey moves in one direction, the hippo wildly swings in the opposite direction.  They swing on a vine above crocodile-infested waters.  Swipe the monkey up and down or left to right to grab a cookie to gain points, but don’t let the hippo eat too many!  Each time the hippo snatches a cookie, he gets bigger and bigger until the vine stretches and eventually breaks causing the swinging buddies to fall victim to the crocodiles. But beware, don’t let the crocodile have the cookies either.  The more cookies he eats, the higher he can jump toward the hippo.


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