Week 11 – Tuesday

The level has been completed today.  Due to the feedback from last week the engineering team has changed the effects of the gun in the following manner:

  • The properties of bass, mid and treble to be area of effect, size of the bullet and persistence time.
  • Players no longer need to hold the left mouse button to fire.  Instead the left mouse button will cause the gun not to fire and instead charge.  Charging aggregates the values from the music until the mouse button is released.  Upon releasing a single shot with the aggregated properties is produced by the gun.
  • Color of the bullet will no longer be rainbow colors.  Bullets leaving the gun are green and have a size corresponding to the current mid sample or if charging the aggregated mid sample.  Upon impact a red light is released in an area around the impact site based on bass or aggregated bass.  After the red impact a blue orb of the size of the green orb stays for the duration provided by the treble or aggregated treble.

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