Monthly Archives: November 2013

Week 9 – Thursday


Today we gave an elevator pitch to the faculty on our progress.  It was received extremely well and we were given nothing but positive feedback.

The engineers have suggested using 3 ranges of sound in the Visualizer to alter the gun’s abilities, treble, mid, and bass.  They have suggested having the treble alter the gun’s damage, the mid alter the gun’s accuracy, and the bass alter the gun’s rate of fire.  My original suggestion was to simply make the tempo (bass) alter the gun’s rate of fire, and have that be the unique quality of our game for this first iteration.  I explained that this would be enough to make the game very enjoyable, yet not overwhelming the player with factors that are very likely not to be recognized by the player during the game.   I feel that it will be too hard for the player to recognize when the mid range is affecting the gun, and that it will seem more random instead.  I feel that this risk exists with the treble factor also, however the risk is not as high.

I have begun creating the level for our prototype.  Our artist has created sprites for one enemy, and a wide variety of concept art.  She is currently working on the gun and the second enemy.

Week 9 – Tuesday

Today our engineers discovered they will have access to Visualizer Studio which is a program designed to analyze frequency in music in real time.  Through this we will be able to unlock many possibilities for altering gameplay.

We decided to enter many artistic elements into the game that are stylized by music.  The gun will be a custom musical instrument of some sort that fires musical notes.

The engineers have completed the first person controller for the game, and have been experimenting with how to implement changes to the gun’s properties.

Week 8 – Thursday

Today we continued ironing out the ideas of the game.

I created a pitch presentation and pitched the idea to the class.  It seems to be received well with some positive and some confused feedback.

Our artist has decided she wants to use art similar to that used in the Kingdom Hearts series, and the group has unanimously approved.

I will be doing the level design for this project using Unity.

Week 8 – Tuesday

Today we began our 4th prototype.  We brainstormed for nearly 2 hours on ideas and their specifics, and obtained feedback from peers.

Our highest rated idea can be described with the following razor:  Doom meets Beat Hazard with an element of punishment.

We have decided to make a first person shooter, that uses mechanics similar to those in Beat Hazard.  To clarify, the elements of the music that the player chooses throughout the game will alter the player’s abilities in the game through modification of the gun’s capabilities.  We are toying with what ways we can alter the gun’s capabilities.

We decided to use Unity for the this project.  Also, because our artist is inexperienced with 3D modeling, we have decided to use 2D sprites with billboarding to simulate the first person environment.