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Week 5 – Tuesday – Project 2!

Today we grouped into a brand new team, and began brainstorming new ideas for a game.

We want to design a game that is based upon a title from the early 80s and expands upon its structure to effectively solve a problem inherent in the game.

We have chosen to use Space Invaders as our template.  I feel that the original game is lacking in complexity. To fix this we propose to add increasing numbers of positions that need to be defended (as opposed to just the player space ship itself) in the form of cities.  Also, we have decided to add a wave based progression element to add difficulty and replay ability to the game.

There will be 2 types of enemies: fighters and bombers.  The fighters will constantly shoot at the player from the front row, while the bombers will spawn separately and bomb the cities.  There will be movable shields that serve to protect the cities from bombs, however, there will be less shields than there are cities.  Also the flight path of the player’s ship will ring around the perimeter of the screen, where other cities can be located.  Power ups will spawn in random locations around the perimeter.  One power up example will cause the city shields to repel back enemy bombs, which will in turn destroy the bombers.

We will keep the standard score based element in the game.

Week 4 Tuesday

Today we did a dry pitch of our game, and included a gameplay video of the basic mechanics.  Afterward we added the remaining mechanics to be able to demonstrate a full play through ( correct and incorrect responses for ingredients, correct destinations of the bowl and pan, and the artwork for the bowl mixture) of Recipe Master.  Before class next time we will include a finalized video of the full playthrough.


JenJen and I continue to modify and improve the presentation and the handout.

The game is looking good.

Recipe Master Handout

Week 3 Tuesday

We have added most of the assets for the 2 recipes that will be included in the game.

Today we are working on getting the presentation ready for next week.  Also, we are still working on a few bugs in the drag and drop mechanic, as well as implementing target locations for the recipes.


Week 2 Thursday

Today we had our first stand up meeting.  We discussed what needed to be done this week.

Our goals were as follows:

Complete the assets for recipe number 2 and 3.

Ascertain what actions we will have time to implement in the game.

Outline an order of priority for game action implementation.

We continued adding more art assets and we assigned a priority to all possible actions in the design document.

The engineers have worked most of the bugs out of the framework, but still need to figure out how to mesh their respective frameworks together into one working model.

Week 2 – Tuesday

Today we continued working on the game, and have renamed it Cook Virtually.

We placed the following secondary priorities:

  • Variable levels of difficulty will be available to aid in recipe mastery/memorization

  • Increasing the difficulty level will result in a shorter time window and cause ingredients and/or quantities to become hidden

  • Higher levels will have more ingredients/measurements missing


We are working on getting the bugs out of the framework and implementing the drag and drop and ingredient destination mechanisms.

Week 1 – Thursday

Today we presented our pitch which we have prepared this week.  We had a good response with a few recommended changes.

We ironed out the ideas of the game and decided the following:

A kitchen display will be the play screen. There will be no character, but a drag and drop mechanism instead.

  • Player takes the role of a skilled chef in a kitchen setting who is tasked with preparing meals with correct ingredients and quantities under a variable time limit.  Players will choose recipes they wish to learn from our database/list

    • Players will choose recipes they wish to learn from our database/list

    • Players will select quantities using spin dials, and drag and drop ingredients into appropriate receptacles

    • An overhead timer will be displayed

    • Increasing the difficulty level will result in a shorter time window

    • The difficulty level will be chosen by the player – aiding in categorizing the game as educational

    • The recipes to be used in game will be actual real-world recipes of a desirable or reputable nature, and will therefore foster a desire to progress through the game in order to learn/acquire more delicious recipes

    • The game will attempt to merge the real world with the gaming world by including a feature where players, following the learning of a new recipe, will be encouraged to actually cook their selected dish and upload a picture of it from their device through the game to Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

    • Also, links to the sources of the recipes (i.e. Pinterest, cooking websites) will be provided to players

    • Badges will be earned when a player learns a new recipe

      • Examples of badges: chef’s hat, kitchen knife, etc.

    • Players will earn a career ranking based upon how many recipes have been learned

      • Novice, intermediate, advanced, and master chef