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This assignment wants me to create objects in 3D world and display them with a 3D camera.

Cube in 3D

I made a colored cube and a gray plan in the 3D world, you can control the camera with ASDW keys and move the cube with Arrow keys.

That is what it looks like:

cube in 3d cube in 3d 2

Debug a shader

I met a problem when I was debugging the Shader, PIX was keep failing to enable shader debugging. And Finally I found the reason here , the solution is pretty easy.

1. open Regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Direct3D

2.Right click the “Direct3D” key—> permissions —> Advanced —> switch to “Owner” tag –> Select Administrators and  click apply.

3.Switch to “Permissions tag” —> select Administrator —> edit —> check full control for it. PIX again, problem solved 😀

That’s my debug screen:

shader debugger


Time estimation

Reading and searching — 1 h
Coding / Debugging — 3 h
Writing blog — 1 h
Total — 5 h

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