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I noticed the vibration while I’m play Dust3.

And I thought of Hostile Territory.

Our idea is vibrate while on enemy’s territory (while slowing down)

So I added the controllers’ vibration to our game. But I had an issue that sometimes the wrong controller will vibrate. And Skip had a new idea to make it as a feature, so that player will know his enemy is on his territory.

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Come back from GDC in San Francisco for one week.

First two days are all about lectures, I’ve learned a lot about industry from those. And more clear about what to do as a technical artist in the game industry. That’s very helpful.

Start from Wednesday, the Expo and Career Center opened. Career center shrunk a lot from last year, and companies like Nike and SpaceX who don’t make games come!

I was on EAE booth in Thursday and show our game to others. And I got some positive feedback from the players. And they are impressed by the iteration of our game.

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Bomb charge!

It should be the final build before GDC.

What I added this week is the charge for the bomb. So, holding the left trigger will keep the bomb from explode while charging the bomb, and as the time passing the range of the tiles the bomb will paint will increase, too.

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Chinese New Year and my birthday!

Well, I am 25 now!


For the project, I added the moving of a shape of “8” in the beginning of the game for the orb in the middle of the air. And regenerate of the orb after the orb got exploded for a period of time.

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shaders for orb!

Now the color is on the orb, thus players will who is the owner of the orb for all the times!

Also I added the shader on orb so when it’s about to explode, its mesh will be zooming rapidly while expanding. This effect will tell players that the orb is about to explode and you’d better keep away from it!

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New portfolio

I build a new site for my portfolio: www.styzhu.com

I’ll keep add my new works onto it!!!

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Orb Pong!

Yeah the Orb is added into our game.

I have an interesting idea and implemented it. The idea is the orb will stay in the middle of the tube in the beginning of the game. But after player 1 shot it, it will chase player 2, meanwhile if it touches the tile, the tile will be painted and then belongs to player 1. After a while, the orb will explode and disappear. If player 2 shoot the orb while being chased by the orb. The orb will belong to player 2 and begins to chase player 1.

It should be a fun feature!

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Final Semester Begins!

Final semester begins!

We keep working on Hostile Territory. We found out that our game is not interesting, even after several iterations.

So we decided to make some new features for our games. There is a list of potential new features for us to implement. I pick the orb(missile) to implement.

There is another feature of bomb, both orb and bomb are painting tiles. We are still not clear what’s the difference between orb and bomb.

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Graphic Assignment 13 write-up

The game I made is anti-cheating Rock Paper Scissors game.

The control are:

Z, X, C  — rock, paper, scissors for player 1

B, N, M — rock, paper, scissors for player 2

SPACE  — replay

V            — show/hide debug line (Debug version only)






I make this game so that there won’t be cheating in rock, paper, scissors game  any longer! And I find it’s a good way to use the knowledge we use in this class.

Basically, this final project is a combination of the whole semester’s knowledge, including building assets, writing shaders, changing objects with constants, lighting, etc.

To save the resource, I simply make the scale x -1 change on the right objects.  I use a singleton class called GameStates to control the whole game’s states and tell the computer when to draw what. Also, the sprite we learnt a few weeks ago is used to display the game info like the win/lose/draw information. Also it’ll  change the light direction when the game state is win or lose, so that the winner will look brighter and loser will be darker.


This is a very helpful class for a technical artist like me. The class solved many of my questions I had in my mind before, like what the hard/soft normal are in Maya and why they look so different, on the other hand, I learnt a lot about the game engine’s structure, though it’s a pain in the first several weeks, it’s quite useful later in this semester. We can use it to import assets easily.


exe file: http://junyuan.me/GraphicHomework/Assignment13_exe_DEBUGandRELEASE.zip

time cost: 18 hrs

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It’s the final week already!

This semester past so fast!

We have our post mortem of Hostile Territory this Thursday.

This time the post mortem of our team is quite valuable to me, especially the good/bad post-it we put on the white board. With a large team and every one of us put three good and three bad post-it, we can easily figured out what did we do well and what was our problem.


Apparently most of us don’t like what happens in the beginning of this semester, changing the engine, remake the whole game, unclear about the game topic, those cost us a lot of energy and waste some of our time.

Then it seems to be going well starting from the time near the alpha build.

I think it’s because at first we only have the character made by our artist and none of us think the game look nice with a simple environment. And then one day Rob made an awesome environment, and we all like it, then is the time till the submission to IGF. That period is the busiest part. Every one worked hard.

A few weeks after the submission, we took two weeks in meeting and discussion about the iteration and new idea. And we made several prototypes and we focused on the light out idea later.

Though we threw away some of the functions we had in the submission build, I think the light out’s gameplay is more fun.

Looking forward to polishing our game and make it more fun in the next semester.