It is not like the last time, I have prepared my portfolio and had many feedback and advise on it.  I got more confident and more clear goal about what I need to do.

I went to many speeches and booths, meet many people.

And I meet the terraria  designer!!! Andrew Spinks.


Before GDC

Unfortunately, we have not get into the IGF, but we got experience through.

Important updated before GDC, we need got the cut scene anime on panel 6. We cut down the panel 7[even though I already done half of it, but I have fun], jump to the final scene.

Binoy did good job on the anime, here is the trailer:

Also the anime in Daughter’s room add the look through part.=)


Panel 5

The Daughter room. For the picture is inside the room, so I made the things are darker than outside, but seems to much? need adjust it brighter and clearly.



Btw, the scripting for Artist class is so fun, because I know a little bit about programming and I could more understand why programmer always think to logically — cause the script made them do that. =(