Final:Petland creation

As a art graduate student, I  feel myself inferior because I know nothing about making a game [and also my poor English]. I afraid to communicate with group , and shame to show my opinions. I just confuse and nervous about communicate with my teammates! I know it is bad, so I want to change this. Thanks for my great teammates, they help me and encourage me. Here is our team:


Petland creation is our game’s name.

Target Audience:  Corrinne and Amy

   Gamer Type: Casual Player

   Target Platforms: iPad

Genre: Time Management/Splicing

   Number of Players: 1

I really work hard in these few week because I need learn the new program Maya, and also finished my prototyping works. I also need to find out my apartment.

However, I love this game and our group!

Our producers helps me a lot with the UI art works, so I could focus on the other designs of the game. Without you guys I could not finished my art works on time.

I think here is the summery picture of my work.


Our game is not really successful from my opinion because I do not like my art works. I do not think art accessory could compare to the game system. The game is good, but I think art could be more cute to make the game better.

I know it is “wired” to work with me cause I am a silence people, but I start to change myself because you guys! >0<  Great Thanks!

There are a lot of things we need to improve, but we finished the first pitch. YEAH!

click here to see our —–persentation



Nice work with my first team~

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