It is goes so fast. When the day start, I feel I already graduate.

Our indie game got really nice feedback and All is dust is on TV now!



EAE #1 Mug!



All is Dust got a lot player and  we ready to go Steam.


FullSizeRender (1)


FullSizeRender (2)

Dungeon Runner is fabulous! Got a lot of feedback!

I am happy and excited all the day, so it is the time to go have rest.

Thank you all the people attend today.

Rocket science

Actually for this week is work on all the paper works and finals.

Dino Lab is nearly to get done by next week.

All is dust i published on EAE day, also our Game jam game “Fire Free” will published the new version on EAE day.

All is dust is on Green light.

Everything just running upon my face, and I also have to done my portfolio.

It is a rocket science!


Gapp lab work and more

As a volunteer in Gapp lab in project called ” Dino Lab research quest”,  as a UI Artist. Thanks to Ryan gives me a good experience and nice project to work on.

Now is the day to start work on my own portfolio and art. Also waiting to published game and fix the bugs.

Time waits for no one, work hard is the only choice I had.


Since I went back  China, my network is been blocked.

When I got back, everything gets run faster than I imaging.

I need to change the car, and also catch up every-class I missed.


changed the modern car to the classic one. End__0001_crash_cars


And also thank you for Christ help me out made the black magic symbol during the time I got back.

Here is the “tester” view of  the final scene trailer: