Semester 4; March 16, Monday Evening

Spring break is here, but I just finished taking a test in my Digital marketing class.

Spent all day working at Disney.  So far I like the job a lot.  I make little maps and games in the Toy Box and report what bugs arise.  Maybe there is room for promotion if I make compelling content.  I’d love to be a map maker.

All is Dust is mostly finished.  It needs some fine tuning, another cut scene, and some more content, but we are on schedule.  We might try out a Green Light campaign.  Seems like the other team members are somewhat fine with the game.  It was a learning process.  We didn’t end up with an amazing, ground breaking game, but it’s a decent enough attempt at a horror game for a group of students who have never made a horror game. I wish we never left behind the mannequin idea.  That had much more promise, but despite such a shift we worked well within our constraints, and came out wiser from the experience.  A school project is more of a passion project than a job.  If a student isn’t excited about their project, then they will postpone their efforts until the last minute and do the minimal amount of work to get a grade. It’s also difficult to propose design ideas to a whole team without getting tons of flack and feedback.  I was happy to pass on the efforts of design lead and become more of a team player.  I hope I led by example in doing so.  There was a lot of unnecessary resistance.  Development could have gone faster and with less stress if people just agreed and said yes rather than endlessly argue over minutia.  Maybe that’s a bit heavy-handed or exaggerated, but sometimes it felt that way.  Seems like the best way to combat this is to do more preproduction work, and have everyone understand the power hierarchy, accept choices with a smile and excitement, as well as have some pride and ownership in their tasks.  I am tired at the moment.  Maybe I should shut up.

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