Semester 4; January 26, Monday Afternoon

This weekend was Global Game Jam 2015.  Travis and I teamed up with a group of freshmen and their high school friends.  The theme was What do we do now?  We decided to show what happens to an adventuring party after the adventure, asking questions like once the quest is complete what happens to everyone?  How do they handle returning to normal life?  Do they stay in touch? Do they get normal jobs?  Are their skill-sets too limited?  What are the practicalities of such a situation… it’s similar to following the story of a soldier trying to cope with mundane society after experiencing the horrors of war.  How well do heroes adjust to civilian life?  So we set out to make a game in a JRPG style.

We wound up with this:

Travis and I took this opportunity to step back from the production role and try our hands at art.  We hung out and drew pictures all day and night – it was a blast.  We did some writing too.

The guys we teamed up with probably learned the most from this experience.  During the brainstorming session Travis and I kept reminding them of scope, saying things like, “it’s only 48 hours, we don’t need a complete inventory system, save states, or anything much more than a compelling 2 minute experience.” but the kids were full of excitement and energy drinks, so they went wild.

5,000 lines of code later they wrote 4 interlocking engines and a map editor.  Very impressive stuff, to say the least, but hardly any game-play to show for it.

Travis did an excellent job pitching the game, turning each bug into a feature.  In no time he had the room laughing and cheering.  We wound up taking home the prize for Spirit of the Jam.


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