Semester 4; January 10, Saturday Afternoon

I’ll be taking Virtual Worlds, which I’ve heard great things about.  I’ve been told the final assignment is to make some kind of experience in a ‘virtual world’, so I’ll most likely apply this to the projects class, and try to add more of an emotional component to the thesis.  But I am not sure what that will look like right now.

I’m also taking Digital Campaign Management. I also plan on applying what I learn in this class to the help promote the thesis project.  It’s a  business class, and I have little training in business.  It’s also an intense half-semester class.

I’ll be a T.A. for Corrinne’s writing class.  This should be fun.  It’s been a while since I’ve taken part in a workshop, and it sounds like I’ll be helping to facilitate them.

Aside from the classes I’ll be applying to jobs.  I had an interview at Avalanche Software the other day for a writing position, which would be an awesome job.  I’ve also applied to several other, smaller companies for a variety of positions.


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