Semester 4; February 6, Monday Night

Tomorrow is the final All Hands meeting before GDC. Luckily I am the one to present.  Most of the faculty should be there, so I am sure they will ask a lot of questions and provide insights and feedback.

The whole team is working well.  Everyone knows what to do. No one is complaining.  Heads are focused.  The last few weeks have been fun and productive.

A problem we’ve seen with the game is that there isn’t much to do, so we are going to add a narrative system that will allow us to add content to objects in the field – essentially a button to read about the object’s significance.  Hypothetically a player will be able to explore and find it interesting. This should also help with keeping the player oriented.

If I could go back to the start of last semester I’d push to remove our primary mechanic of the freeze-look. We’ve never really been able to figure out a good behavior or reaction for the scarecrows. It worked wonderfully with the mannequins, but for some reason it just didn’t transfer well to this new setting.  I can’t really place my finger just yet on what it is, but maybe I’ll be able to explain after more reflection.


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