Semester 4; February 27, Friday Morning

The All Hands meeting with the faculty went well.  I presented a clear list of changes and answered a lot of audience questions.
The game is looking awesome.  We have new textures for the major buildings.  Most of the gameplay is solid, fun, and scary.  We have some new sounds, and we’ve been making story cut-scenes that really tie the whole game together.

Travis and I are about to head down to SLUG to do a podcast interview about the program and the game.  After that we will be meeting up with Swapnil and others in the lab to make some final corrections to the game before GDC.  Everyone on the team seems content.

Travis, Allen, Brad and I all got jobs QAing at Disney Avalanche.  Seems like a decent enough starter job.  We should start on the 9th.  It might be tricky balancing school and work, and I’m still a TA.  So I’ll be a full time grad student, full time employee, and a TA, which might be exhausting, but that’s only for a few more months, and then I’ll graduate!

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