Semester 4; April 30th, Thursday Evening

How did a month already pass? Oh yeah – I’m working full time…it’s like the days are done as soon as they start. It’s been fulfilling, but I also miss my John Time, which is when I get to work on side projects. That being said I’ve got some stuff in the works that might turn out to be awesome.

Well school is over. That was fun.
I kind of don’t want it to end though. I like all my peers, and would love to have some kind of Valve scenario where I show up to the lab, hang out with my friends and make games. Everyone on my team was easy to get along with, and never had drama. I like all of them. We might go sky diving(!).

I want to spend my time learning more programming. I spend many weekends watching tutorials and coding. The act of coding is like a fun puzzle where the prize is making a video game. It’s awesome. Now that I’ve spent 2 years making video games I want to make more. Maybe that’s all I really want to do – hang around with friends and make video games. Which is good because that’s what I went to school to learn. I’m a bit surprised I’m not burnt out or looking for a break. I am excited for school to completely finish so I can have a bit more time to work on my other projects. I need a solid team though, because I’m not skilled enough to make a complete game alone, and I don’t want to work alone. Maybe the indie route is more my style than AAA. Hard to say… I like the freedom and creative control of indie, but it seems hard to run a business. I’d like to make fun, small games with interesting settings, good gameplay and good writing. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

After this semester I’ve gotten better at making design documents, or at least imagining what needs to be in a document, how to structure them, annd keep them concise and simple. I’m going to delve deeper into my side projects and make some really stellar documents over the next few weeks, and then hit up some friends and see what happens.

All is Dust is almost Greenlit. It’s 72nd or so on the top 100 list. That means it should shortly be approved. There have been several Let’s Plays of the game, and they are all perfect. I’d like to work more on the game and really take it to a new level. The environment, story, and setting are all great. The gameplay is a bit lackluster though. I’d like to see it more of an action horror or some kind of strategic horror, rather than what it is now, which is like an exploration horror.

This project was a real challenge to me and I learned a lot. Prior to this project I knew how to write a story and had a good sense of style, so that covered the setting, environment and story, but I didn’t know much about making scares or gameplay, especially in a horror game. But I now if I were to make another horror game I’d wouldn’t have to put much effort into the environment setting and story, and I think I have a good grasp of how to do a jump scare and create tension, so I could really focus on making some compelling gameplay, or work with someone who already know that; meaning I’d like to make another horror game.

All and all I’d like to say thanks to everyone.
Let me know if you ever want to work together.

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