Semester 3; December 07, Sunday Afternoon

This coming Friday is the Open House for EAE. All is Dust has 6 or 7 ‘events’.  Before we had a system where you’d travel from the farm house to the corn field and back via these teleporting doors.  We thought this would work well because it would allows us to control the experience more, but ultimately it proved to be too confusing.  So over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a new terrain.  This new terrain has all of the events put into one medium sized map, and we’ve been changing the design a bit to be more of a non-linear experience.  The gameplay, mainly how the scarecrows behave, is getting better.  One of the bigger problems arises when players approach the scarecrows, because they can see all the details and become comfortable around them, which loses the immersion and tension.  To solve this we’ve implemented a wave system, where the scarecrows are only chasing after you for a minute at a time, and in large numbers, then they all get whisked away by the storm, and there is a reprieve to allow you to explore. On top of that when you are looking at a scarecrow and within a few feet it will turn to dust and teleport somewhere behind you.  These two solutions should hopefully solve the problem we’ve been having.
This is where the EAE day comes in.  We will take it as an opportunity to play-test this new terrain, and the new behavior of the scarecrows.  I’m excited to get the terrain populated with the previous events.

The more the game develops the clearer the story is becoming. I feel confident that we are on the right track.


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