IGF Submissions

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It has been crazy busy over here! About two weeks ago we had our IGF submission, we of course killed it.  The team worked hard to prep a ton of things that we needed to get done such as a trailer, level dressings (and design for that matter), and kits of stuff to be turned […]


Joe Street

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Just a quick update to my scene I’m currently working on. I’ve been building out alot of the really basic geo that’s going into the scene, have a few height issues with the bottom layer, but easy fix! Update ya again soon!  


block out the sun!

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So an important part of making a 3d scene is blocking it out so you understand it, shocking how much thinking goes into this right? But this is for the scene from Ready, set, 1! This is a quick block out from unreal that Im getting together to press into more defined assests. In this first […]


Ready, Set, 2!

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Hey its like we just did this! and we did! back here! So this semester i have a TA job! Its great, but there is one day a week i spend 5 hours down in another lab away from my version of maya, this is a bigger pain atm then one would think ha ha, […]


Ready, Set, 1!

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With the new school year, means new art projects! I really starting to focuses on developing my portfolio with prop and environmental art! To show off the assets the best I’m going to throw them into a whole scene. For my readers not to into with this whole 3d/art thing, its really cool to show […]


Fated Return

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Woo! what a summer! got two whole different games pushed out! (going to do a full blog on each one  one the final game gets installed with our clients.) Weird to be back in the lab but feels good to keep doing what we do best. To bring ya back lets go over what has […]

Wanna see it!?!

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Heres a quick game play vid that i found that shows off the mechanic of the game in action! The blue thigns that pop out of you run and show you where if you step there you will die!!!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ta2PfvGKUU