Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Week 2

Tuesday, September 2, 2013.

After a pep talk from Professor Robert Kessler, we design and build games all morning, in my team’s case, 8-Bit Fudge.

Afternoon class is cancelled due to Professor Amy Adkins enjoying PAX in Washington State way too much.  Many of us stay at Master Games Studio South anyway to continue work on our Rapid Prototyping projects.

Between four hour blocks, I get to know the food truck owners on campus and try kimchi fries for the first time. Buy ten, get one free!  Food trucks are a lot more convenient than the food court. The Israeli style shwarma is good, too. There’s a Start Your Own Food Truck course on that makes me wonder if the now 1,000,000 food truck business could be made into a game…or its principles integrated into 8-Bit Fudge? Could we call the sequel 8-Bit Fudge Truck?  Maybe not.


Jose is back.  We talk about Huizinga’s classic book Homo Ludens, Man the Player. We are also introduced to course texts “The Art of Game Design” and “The Future Was Here” and sign up to lead class discussions on one of about 15 topics over the next eight weeks.

My team of three signs up to discuss the military-entertainment complex two weeks from tonight.

On my team are Sherry Minya and Skip Fowler. We set up a Google Document to keep collective notes and create an outline between now and Tuesday. Wednesday before class we will meet to split up tasks for the following week, then meet one hour early a week later to make sure everything is set to go.

Why procrastinate?  Let’s set a high bar, go first, and force everyone else to do more work so we can maximize our learning.


After an introduction to standup meetings, waterfall process, Agile, and SCRUM for those who were not born software engineers, we break into groups for more Rapid Prototyping, now upgraded with Agile principles.


I study User Experience Design (UXD) and Level 2 Gamification, update our project requirements document, and attend sold out Salt Lake ComicCon with 80,000 other fans.

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