Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Week 10 – Spring Break!

Monday, March 10, 2014.

Spring Break for me is about making money, but I find time to play a few new games and work on submissions for Bench 2 Bedside and Games for Health.  My sister also visits from out of town, so I get in some family time!


Friday at 2 pm, twenty of us from Cohorts 3 and 4 who volunteered to help out at the school’s GDC booth next week, show up for volunteer training and to pick up shirts (uniforms?) and school branded hoodies for the event.  The EAE soccer jerseys arrive misprinted, so we get bright red ones on site.

Here is the schedule for who mans and womans the booth from Wednesday to Friday of next week!  If you want to stop by and learn about us as Producers, Artists, and Engineers and our extraordinary program, here’s the schedule!  I’ll be there from 4 to 6 pm on Wednesday, March 19th.  GDC 2014 (Game Developers Conference) is at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from March 17 to 21.

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