Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Week 16 – EAE Fest

Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

This week is all about EAE Day, which is Thursday.  We work on finishing touches for the game, and I put together one last newsletter before the end of the semester.


In Joseph Bourrie’s Virtual Worlds class, we show off what has been done so far in Amnesia by Swapnil, my level design partner.  I’ve had trouble getting the editor to work properly on my Macbook Pro Retina, even with Parallels, so after suggesting we add spiders, I get Joe’s okay to do my own level using Marble Arena 2 as a level editor and a base design I put together using 2D Tiled last week.  Learning a new editor isn’t easy, but once I figure out how the keys map to a Mac, it becomes easy and I can just be creative.  Update next week!


It’s EAE Day!  We have lunch with industry professionals, take pictures, and host an open house to show off our games!  SuperFail has two working levels, and gets great feedback from those in attendance.  Dying is easy, but we find that there are two types of people, those who get frustrated quickly and those who won’t give up.  A few do their best to break our level designs, which really look sharp for a prototype thanks to our talented art team, engineering team, and Unreal 4.

Will we continue to develop the game as a superhero title come Fall?  Who knows, but we schedule a meeting for next Thursday to discuss our summer scheduling.  The goal is to know what the game is before school starts, experimenting with various mechanics, so we can be well on our way by the time the IGF original deadline arrives in late October.

I play a number of other games.  Origami Kami, an undergraduate Capstone game, looks great and is officially released on the Sony Vita!  I also enjoy a game where you play a courier, taking photos of everything from graffiti in progress to police brutality.  Dayna shows off games by kids in her undergrad class.  One involves a dragon shooting fire at invading princesses.  Another is an old fashioned text adventure about female space aliens, snakes on a plane, etc.  I play Mannequin using the Oculus Rift.  While I don’t get nauseous playing the game, I do adjusting back to real life!  Others report about thirty minutes of motion sickness as well.  I am definitely a fan of the technology and the game, however.  Using a cell phone as a flashlight is a nice touch.

We have no Narrative class today because of EAE Day.

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