Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Week 16 – EAE Day!

Tuesday morning is EAE Day.  We all show up at 9 am to start moving computers over to the Warnock Engineering Building.  I’ve put together press notes, and spent some time over the weekend buying and setting up five domain names that point to our new Facebook page.  The official website:

The forwarding doesn’t work until Tuesday morning at 6 am, when I call our registrar and learn that Facebook won’t let one mask a Facebook page with a private domain name, “because you don’t own Facebook.”  The tech says Google actually blacklists you for doing that with their search engine.  Once the issue is resolved, I verify that I can see the page, which previously showed up as all white.

We drive the equipment over on a golf cart womanned (woman + manned) by Hallie.  I let the rest of the teams know where to bring their equipment if they want to be next in line.  Team Sensory Overload decides to walk theirs over.

I enjoy mingling with both Cohort 4 and 5, catch up with my former 404Sight teammates, and do what I can to prepare the booth and help the event run smoothly.

Our FOX 13 live interview is at 12:15, with a brief “upcoming” promo clip at noon.  The whole team is present, and Big Budda (Leroy is his real name) plays the game while asking us questions.  Since he can’t help but laugh and smile, he declares himself, “not the B.E.S.T. at this” and laughingly decides that he would be fired if he were a cop.  Maybe our next simulator should help train news people to raise and lower their emotional states to reduce the rate at which viewers change the channel? 🙂

CBS also films the B.E.S.T. demo and people playing it, but does not ask us questions on camera.  I hear that the local ABC affiliate may also have been present.

After the first interview, we have a taco/burrito lunch up the hill, then hurry back to show off our games to the public for three hours.

At five o’clock, we tear everything down, and Ahmad declares that we should go out to eat to celebrate.  We all have big smiles on our faces, and enough positive feedback to motivate us to work even harder over the coming year, and eventually turn B.E.S.T. into a true commercial product that saves officer and civilian lives!



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