Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Grand Finales

This is finals week, so I’ll keep this brief.

Monday, December 16, 2013.

I preorder a Myo from Thalmic Labs for use with one of our Bench to Bedside games.

I also watch the first unveiling of a Steam Machine via IGN.  James Hulse, a fellow EAE MGS student, is one of Valve’s 300 chosen out of tens if not hundreds of thousands who qualified for the beta program, so I look forward to playing it sometime soon if he’s willing to share.

1470183_10151818215490233_2097974549_nI somehow miss out on the optional third Magic: The Gathering event/workshop, but Jose says he’ll save me a white, pre-release Theros pack.  Maybe I’ll attend an event by the sponsoring card shop, Game Night Games, over the holidays? Santa hat Roger’s Instagram of the workshop looks intense…


I finish the last of my EAE MGS blog for 2013 and review the first five entries to see what progress I’ve made.

I then work on my final five page postmortem assignment for Rapid Prototyping.  A five hundred page novel set to too-many-blog-paragraphs-for-Google-to-count is apparently not enough.


Casino U, our Game Design final/finale, will soon begin.  Who will win?  Someone take bets and add them to our score/grade.

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