Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Week 7

February 24 and 26, 2015.

From the syllabus:  “Sprint (CHECKPOINT Presentation on Thursday – BUILD DUE)”

Other than the sprint presentation, this week is really about preparing for GDC.  Hallie hands out colorful EAE t-shirts and sweatshirts so we can all look the same at the show.

I am still figuring out if I can go, because of outside work commitments.

Eric Allen goes the extra mile and helps us all make matching B.E.S.T. / EAE business cards to use at the show.  I work on some ideas for a common pitch we can use so we are sending a consistent message.  Of course, our project is not that far along.  We are going to spend a lot of the time checking out new technologies and seeing if we can get demo units of the latest tech to work with our game.  (Ahmad especially.)

The presentation goes well, but I don’t feel that we have a lot to show compared to last week.  Everyone is working hard, but we have a relatively small team and neural networks take time.  It is also a bit early to have a playable game prototype, but we have a 3D model or two and the Cohort 5 audience seems impressed.  We also don’t have all of the equipment we need, but Roger and Bob do what they can to help us.  We appreciate their confidence!

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