Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Week 9

March 10 and 12, 2015.

From the syllabus:  “Tuesday – debrief GDC and status presentation from each team”

Lots of happy faces returning from GDC this year!  GDC is a rite of passage for EAE students.  If you haven’t been, you do not feel like part of the broader community of game developers.  GDC is a start, and from what I hear, we were a real presence this year!  Close to 120 red shirts from Cohorts 4 and 5, faculty, a booth, and more.  (Mario red and Lakatu white are the official colors of the University of Utah, part of the recently minted PAC-12.)  We even had a game or two in the Intel booth!

AZack_&_Wiki_-_Quest_for_Barbaros'_Treasure_Coverarthmad has a lot to report in terms of technology partners, including direct contact with people from Emotiv.  Other students share resumes with potential future employers.  I have good memories last year of playing a video game related game show against two members of Carnegie Melon’s game program.  I won a t-shirt in a close match thanks to knowing the Nintendo Wii pirate game Zak and Wiki.

Presentation improvements are sparse since no one has been around to work on the games, but we have a much clearer direction of where we want to go technologically speaking.  I get to work studying the various models of the Emotiv and comparing them to two or three competitors.  Can we use the Emotiv at the same time as the Oculus?  (People have tried.)  The team is pretty clear that we want to use Intel’s RealSense in some capacity in the game.

Next up?  Spring break!

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