Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Week 15


Tuesday, April 16, 2014.

CyberHeist: Student Edition.

CyberHeist is out on Desura!  It’s the crown jewel of our program to date, and an IGF Student Showcase Award Winner.  Please support the game and download the IGF edition here!

I hear they are also in talks with one or more publishers.  Don’t know the details.

Congrats also to Magnetic by Nature, which was just greenlit on Steam!  It is also set to be released on Ouya and belongs on consoles, as does CyberHeist.  (I strongly recommended both at GDC to one major publisher.)

Finally, the undergrad Capstone class just released their games for PlayStation Vita.  If you have a Vita, check out Origami Kami, Galactic Labor Union (GLU), Reflect It, and Princess Revolution!

Big wins for EAE this week!


We show off early versions of our final projects in Joseph Bourrie’s Virtual Worlds class.  My current iteration is done in Tiled, but the final will be done in a 3D level editor.


Another Design meeting today, focused on what is needed to finish our demo of SuperFail for EAE Day.

In Corrinne’s class, we talk about our characters, and details about our final projects.

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