Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Week 14

Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

Posted our third newsletter!  I’ll let that speak for Projects class this week.


Joseph Bourrie’s Virtual World Studies class was all about our white box prototypes.  The level editors developed on ranged from Tiled on a Mac to Amnesia: The Dark Descent and MineCraft on a laptop to Skyrim on Xbox 360.

We will continue to developer these levels over the next two weeks.


Narrative with Corrinne was also worthwhile. My favorite part of class today:

Corrinne: “And that is why George Lucas failed.”

Jake: “George Lucas failed?”

Jed: “Three billion dollars worth!”

Jake: “I couldn’t fail that bad if I tried!”

Corrinne read us pages of questions from a famous writing group leader to help us develop the characters of our fighting fantasy game book final projects.

She also talked about the Greek gods as possible original archetypes, as suggested by the book 45 Master Characters, though I’m not convinced they were the first, having read older literature.  The book suggests archetypes are formed from the human race’s experience of people.

The first nine pairs (opposites):

  1. Seductive Muse / Femme Fatale
  2. Amazon / Gorgon
  3. Father’s Daughter / Backstabber
  4. Businessman / Traitor
  5. Protector / Gladiator
  6. Recluse / Warlock
  7. Fool / Derelict
  8. Woman’s Man / Seducer
  9. Nurturer / Over-Controlling Mother

The rest can be found in the book’s preview Table of Contents here.

A character must be interesting, believable, and we must care what happens to him or her, says Corrinne.

We can color our characters better by observing people, journaling about the little things we see.

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