Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Week 2 – IGDA Summit

Had an amazing week!

Tuesday we meet with Brian and Jose, our faculty advisors, and are asked a number of insightful questions about our direction and plans.  I commit to do a one page game design document to clarify our vision, which has changed a bit over the summer.

I also meet with Eric, my now co-Producer, and we talk through where we need to go next. We started to discuss how to adjust our simulation if we get a Hololens development kit.  I submitted our RFP response on Saturday.

logos-igda_summit2015-revised-520x146Tuesday night, after my Paper Prototyping elective class, I take off for IGDA Leadership Summit 2015 in Seattle.  It is a LONG drive, and if (when) I go again, I will fly or at least carpool.  Josh Jones at IGDA Salt Lake (and Smart Bomb Interactive) offered me a free ticket to the $450+ event.  Wednesday evening, I am privileged to meet the Executive Producer of Halo (343 Studios versions), among others.  I also attend talks on analytics, art team leadership, fostering healthy team dynamics, and game related legal issues.

On the way home, I stop by Nintendo of America and Xbox headquarters in Redmond.  I used to send Nintendo marketing ideas when I was fifteen, so I’ve always wanted to see where they are located.  No tours are available, but I get a picture in front of tennis courts that may have inspired Wii Sports Tennis.

Then in Oregon, I take a rest stop at the Oregon Trail Blue Mountain Pass national park.  I think, “Someday I’d like to make a game that inspires a national monument!”  The historic trek by over “400,000 settlers, ranchers, farmers, miners, and businessmen and their families” was the real inspiration for the monument, but at least 65 million since have travelled from East to West digitally thanks to MECC and other software publishers who have acquired rights over the years. Makes you wonder, which is the real “Oregon Trail”?

On Saturday I complete the RFP response for the Microsoft Hololens and a game design document for Jose and Brian.  Not a bad week!

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