Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Week 8

Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

The client meeting went extremely well on Thursday.  I may have a $2 million contract coming up in the next few months.  Feels great!  The game would be developed alongside B.E.S.T.

Monday I meet with private real estate investors who have two suggestions for who to talk to about capital.  I add the sources to my list.

BEST ShirtThis morning we catch up on the calendar, what needs to be done before GDC and the Imagine Cup Finals.  We decide on a final name for the company, which I will not disclose until we register it, and everyone gives input on a t-shirt design that we can wear for GDC and possibly the Imagine Cup Finals.

A potential new professor makes the rounds of the room, and has good things to say about our project.  Later in the day, I attend her game research presentation at the Warnock Engineering Building.  I fill Brian in on recent events and he recommends a cover for my iPad Pro.

slack-imgs.comWe are all a bit disturbed about a shooting Saturday here in Salt Lake.  An officer shot a 16 year old who was in a fist fight, which should never have happened.  If we can turn B.E.S.T. into a commercial product, maybe we can help prevent many such shootings in the future!  Last I heard, the boy is still alive, but suffering from two gunshot wounds.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.06.48 AMAn Engineer from Team Maui stops by to thank me for a children’s book about the Hawaiian demigod Maui that I found a week or two ago at a bookstore, claiming I “saved” one element of their game, the story.  (That is likely an overstatement.)  Their talented Hawaiian game designer Sean Keanaaina has been hired on as an Associate Designer at EA, so the team is grateful for new source material that ties their game more closely to actual Hawaiian myth and legend.  If I was not working on B.E.S.T., I think Maui would be my team and game of choice.

In Experimental Gameplay, we talk about making games that speak to the human condition and receive our fourth challenge theme, Envy.  We also play experimental games like Today I Die and I Wish I Were the Moon.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

Void PhotoToday and tomorrow, Eric and I are testing B.E.S.T. at The Void!  The facility is impressive, and the staff is very friendly and helpful and as excited about the technology as we are.  No pictures allowed inside of the facility, unfortunately.  I am told we are the first people outside of The Void itself to have any access to their servers. 🙂

All HandsThursday, March 3, 2016.

In the morning, we have an “all hands meeting” that incorporates both Cohorts 5 and 6 and the EAE faculty.  I polish the presentation and people seem impressed (they applaud several times) and have a lot of questions.  Most of Cohort 6 has never seen our game.  Several other games, like Tentacult, Maui, Blind Trust, Panoptic, and Sweet Ride, look like a lot of fun.

Jose has constructive feedback for Eric and I afterward that should help when we present at the Microsoft Imagine Cup Finals at the Microsoft Developer Conference later this month in San Francisco.

Around 4:00, Eric and I return to The Void for more testing!