Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Week 3

Tuesday, January 26, 2016.

Our team is one of two that still has to present our team and individual goals for the semester to Brian and Mark, so we go first.  The rest of class flies by.

_imgExperimental Gameplay goes well, with everyone showing off our first experimental games, each with a pointillism theme.  Mine is about a wandering star.  For some reason I can’t get basic movement to work in Game Salad, other than rotation, but I figure it out later and I think Jose is impressed by the idea.

About half a dozen students dropped the class after week one, deciding seven experimental prototypes is too much work while simultaneously finishing our thesis projects, which is probably good for the remaining fifteen of us.  Personally I am taking the class for a challenge.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016.

Sundance is still on, and I drive around nine people in a “black car” limo today, including a team of six from Samsung, one of whom also works for Nintendo’s marketing department.  Later in the day, I take a very successful music producer to the Montage, followed by a far less friendly film executive.  It is kind of like an internship, getting to hear their business calls in a mobile “office.” Little do they know, I have experience doing many of the same things.  Regardless, I learn a lot from the music producer, and a lot of what never to do from the film executive.

exp1Thursday, January 28, 2016.

I spend a total of thirteen hours in the lab, first for class, then polishing a project for Experimental Gameplay using Game Salad.  I also watch the GDC Experimental Games Workshop from 2014, as a follow up to the 2015 workshop we viewed for class.  I hope to somehow get into this year’s workshop, as I ordered an All Access Pass for GDC 2016.

imgresI sign up to participate in the Global Game Jam this weekend at Broadview Entertainment Arts University.  This will be my third.