Jed Merrill, Producer/Game Designer

Level 4

January 13 and 15, 2015.

Back for more Projects! With Bob and Roger’s support, I’ve decided to join Cohort 5 for Projects after taking a semester off to focus on electives. This extends the time I will be at EAE by two semesters, but will be worth it whether I work at a major studio or start my own this summer. My previous team was never really united on what we wanted to do, switching from prototype to prototype and theme to theme, which I think was a product of how we formed the teams. It was people first, project second, and that led to what some described as Game of Thrones type politics. I very nearly lost my head, in spite of trying to be a uniter and team builder. This semester, the instructors have reversed the order, allowing us to pitch projects first and build teams around those projects.

I spend the first two days of the semester getting to know people and soft pitching my Week 2 pitch for 1984: The Commercial: The Game, an idea I came up with last semester. The one-on-one feedback is very positive, especially from those who have an interest in working in or alongside the movie industry. I also listen to and give feedback on as many other pitches as possible. I have high hopes for Tuesday, but am not overly attached to doing the project, recognizing that 99% of us will have our hearts broken at some point this semester.

In case you haven’t seen the classic 1984 SuperBowl Commercial directed by Ridley Scott:

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