Week before GDC

Our team has been working hard this last week. We worked over the long weekend and we plan to work over this weekend, but on the plus side. We have 3 levels! Don’t know how I got it done, but I did. They are being worked on by others on the team to get them cleaned, art-ed and ready to move forward. We have so many little things that we need to get done before GDC, but we have our task list and we are steadily knocking them out one by one. When this week is over I’ll post some screen shots from our game and we will have our new trailer ready!  I will also post pictures from the 3 Levels 🙂

I don’t know what more to post, mostly because I have so much to do I can only give this quick run down of progress.

Hopefully after GDC it will be a little less busy (yeah right).

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