The Start of the Home Stretch

Retro Yeti is back from break with a vengeance! Our design lead went to EA in Florida and is now working remotely so he stepped down as lead. Our Art lead also stepped down seeing as she was working as both staff for our program and art lead for our game. So things have been changed up a bit, but we didn’t miss a beat. We already had an iteration in mind and a plan of attack to get us there. We are only a week into the semester and we are ready to work the new ping and inhibitors into our design. I’ve stepped up more working with Level design which scares me a little seeing as I feel it is one of my weaknesses. I’ve been watching lots of games and getting references from everything I can to help. We have a plan to get more of our theme into the game and to really deliver the theme to the player.

Our new ping works like a flashlight now. It has a meter that will recharge when the player is running on a fast section. If you hit slow tiles the meter will go down and the radius will diminish. When the meter hits 0 it is a fail state. With the new mechanic we have added a new level item of inhibitors. Like the boss shots that create slow areas, the inhibitor will fall from the sky and reveal an area around it. When the player enters into the inhibited section if their ping is on it will convert the area to slow, so the player has to toggle on and off the ping to avoid the hit to their bar.

We find out Tuesday if we are an IGF Finalist. I’m trying not to be nervous because the odds are against us, but one can always hope.



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