Week 10 Reflection

I’ve had a lot of jumbled thoughts and emotions this week. Our project is going really well. We’ve received some great praise on our indie button pushing game idea. My team is amazing and we are on track to having our prototype done on time. This last week the producers were given the task of performing a playtest of our prototypes. Each producer would have to play every other game. Each team of producers would come up with a list of questions that would help them with their prototype. We had questions about the difficult of our first two puzzles and asking what they thought about the art we have in the game. We got a lot of varied results when talking about the difficulty of the puzzles. We received some varied results when it came to our puzzles. I watched some solve it instantly and some struggle to the point of quitting. What we’ve discussed among the team and with the professors is adding a hint system in the game. ¬†Either the game will give you a hint after a long time of wondering or we will have a system where you have so many hints to use. Our problem lies in the amount of time we have left for the project. We need to decided Tuesday to have the hint system and cut the amount of rooms we were planning or leave it out of the prototype. This week will be busy with work and getting everything ready to present what we have to the class.

My new conflict is with learning how to be a producer. I’m a huge fan of the Agile process and have seen great successes from it. I also know how vital the role of a producer can be in the industry. I’m trying to find my own identity with it all. I know that I want to be a producer or a designer. These four week projects have only given a taste of what being a producer is like. When we start our bigger year long project the role of a producer will become key to the success of the game. I’m not sure if I want to try to get a bigger producer role or design role on that project. As a very introverted person, I would rather just sit in the background and work, but as any other role other than an engineer, I have to talk to people and learn how to communicate my ideas and thoughts about games. I still feel like my ideas in my head are great ¬†and what comes out is a mashed mess. Several times my co-producers have had to save me when I couldn’t get my idea across. Sometimes the little voice in my head tells me to hide in a corner and just give up on becoming a producer. Every day I fight off that feeling and let my dream drive me. I know that I want to be in the game industry. I know I want to be in a creative producer or designer. I know I have the passion and the ever growing knowledge of games and game development. It’s going to take a lot of mistakes and stumbling to achieve my dream, but I am willing to make them and be corrected. I’m grateful for professors and mentors who are guiding this program. With a positive attitude and lots of work it will all turn out. Onward and upward!