1 week and counting

ScreenshotRiRWe are down to the wire and the team is working great. With some encouraging words from Tobiah Marks (the creator of Blast Monkeys), we have kept running towards a published game on the Windows 8 app store.  We have planned to submit our game on Dec 10 which is two days before the due date. This will give us a buffer for unseen delays, but it has also encouraged us to work harder to get the game done. Our artist is hard at work getting an enemy character model done and a starting splash screen. Our engineers have to tweek the physics a bit and make sure there is damage on hit so the game is actually beatable. We have planned a work day today (Saturday) to get everything integrated together and get one giant step closer to being done. Today I’ll be working on some sound while the other producer is getting some particles in the game. It’s been a big help for us to have two producers that can jump into Unity3D and work on code or art in the game.

I am proud of this team and am excited to see where this product goes. I’m going to be submitting our game to a couple of app competitions. I think with our idea and small prototype we could get some funding to actually make the game bigger. 🙂

Let’s do this! Final week push!