This last week has been a blur. I’ve had more work than time and it all needed to get done before April 16th at 2pm.  I worked my tail off to create the masterpiece below.


That is a compilation of all the levels we have. It makes a consistent stream from start to finish and with hopefully increasing difficulty. We compiled it and ran tests. Tons of tests so that we knew it wouldn’t crash. We worked hard and finally published.

Publishing on such a big forum like steam causes me anxiety only because I’ve never received feedback from that large of an audience. I’ve heard and seen how the video game community is and I expected the worse. Of course we got negative reviews, but for the most part they are positive. We’ve had almost 70k plays in the last 4 days and we are getting more press than ever. (you can see that on my portfolio

With the big relief of launch behind us, we are planning a bug patch for the end of the semester and working on our thesis defense. Oh joy!



5 days from Steam launch and I’m writing a blog post??!??!?!

Yes it’s true. we are 5 days away from launch and I took the time to write a bit about what I’m experiencing. The last couple of weeks have been crazy. We created a total of 14 levels to be shipped with the game. We have a small 20 min experience for our players. Right now it is my task to make sure all the levels get their art and are ready to be strung together in our final game. I’m furiously doing it so that we can have the full experience as soon as possible so that we have a couple days for testing the final build. Oh the crazy that is now. I’m only leaving you with that so I can get back to work.