Published and Winter Break

So Rumble in Rome is published! It took some long hours in the lab and a lot of programming on my part to finally get it done. I’m not completely happy with how the game turned out. The opening screen is off center, The tutorial screen is super pixelated, and The core mechanic of bouncing around and destroying enemies wasn’t as tight as I would have liked, but the time factor really hurt this project. I’m hoping to find some time to fix at least the tutorial screen and the opening screen just because those are the first things the player sees.

Over the winter break I have been working on my own RPG game. Going with an old school feel of wandering through towns and an overworld in a story. It’s been a challenge, but the biggest challenge for me will be the art. I’m not sure if I want to just make some place holder stuff and outsource for art or work on being better at the pixel art. The other big challenge will be getting an intriguing story line. I’m not too worried about the programming. It’s just a matter of time.

Now it’s on to the next semester!