Start of Prototype 3 if(button_pressed)

We have new teams! I’m super excited to work along side Antonio, Rachel, Mark, and Peijun. Our project was to make an Indie game. We were left to decided what an Indie game meant to our team. We decided that Indie was games that were made to take a risk. Something that wouldn’t get a corporate budget behind it because of how weird the idea is.

We were also given a lens from Jesse Schell’s Art of Game Design: A book of lenses. Our lens was the lens of Simplicity vs Complexity. We discussed how simplicity could lead to complexity in a game and how simple didn’t always mean easy. With this in mind we came up with our idea.

Our idea was to have a game where you press buttons. You have the directional keys and the left mouse button. That’s it. Everything in the game would revolve around those simple controls. We decided that our game was going to be the game evolving mechanic from Evoland with the semi-confusing exploration mechanic of Myst with the Puzzle progression of Portal. So the adventure would start as a texted based game where you are presented with different rooms where you would press different colored buttons. Upon hitting buttons the level would evolve into a top down point and click adventure with rooms and buttons to press. The player would then press more buttons and the game would evolve into a 3d game with more puzzles and more buttons to press. Each button would do something to help the game evolve or progress or might not do anything.

When we pitched this to the class and our Professors it was met with a lot of questions and hard criticism of how we were trying to make three different games that would make the scope out of our 4 week range and that the many choices of buttons with unknown outcomes would be a deterrent to the player. Though I believe that we could have accomplished the evolve mechanic in the time we had, we decided as a team today to get rid of this mechanic. We are now going to have a Portal like game with buttons. We are still going to have the only controls being movement in a 3d space with a left click to press buttons. The buttons are going to help you progress through the challenges. Some examples of things the buttons could do are: Open doors, make elevators, create stairs, open trap doors, drop objects into the room. We plan to create some complex puzzles that can be solved with only the simple controls we are restricting ourselves too.

The team has chosen to use Unity 3d which makes gives us a prefab of a first person game. We will only need simple programming which allows for lots of level design and art focus. Art wise we have a though of putting our player in a holodeck type of scenario that will allow us to have many different environmental areas.

We have our first playable due next Thursday. We are going to get a couple of  levels varying in difficulty to show to our Professors the fun in our game.