Challenge: Publish in 4 weeks with a holiday in the middle. GO!

The project started with a giant free for all to find people for groups. Antonio and I decided to stay as co-producers then quickly collected Kyle, Swapnil, and Nathan. With our all-star team,we were ready to take the next game head on.  The next curve ball that was given to us was that we were to create a Windows 8 app and have it submitted for certification at the end of 4 weeks. This adds a whole new level to the production tasks to keep the game on track in four weeks and to make sure that the game meets the certification requirements. So we took the challenge and we’re running with it. We put our heads together the first day and put together a quick simple mechanic that we could do some iteration on and make fun. We took the mechanic of Dojo Danger which is an arena with enemy disks and player disks. The player touches the disks and pulls back on them and releases them like a slingshot. as they hit other disks they do damage to them. We wanted to iterate on that mechanic and add more a turn based system to it. We are going to make it so that each player decides how they want all their disks to move then hit a play button to see the movements acted out. This will allow for combo hits and other chain reaction gameplay.

We put together a good power point together to show what we wanted to do with our prototype and got the buy-in of our professors/EPs. We were ready to start making our game. Thankfully Unity3D just released capability to release on Windows 8 so we decided to again use Unity3D. The next three days I created a white box toy of our prototype to really show the team what the look of the game will be. Kyle also threw together a 3d Model of the player character. It was textured and ready to go which was super nice. The next class period came and Kyle gave us an 3d Gladiator arena to put our game in. With those we could start piecing the game together. Our engineers put together a turn based system, a damage system,and a simple AI that we could play with. With some refining over the holiday weekend, we’ll have a game we could iterate on by next Tuesday.  As Producers, we’ve been following the certification process closely and making sure that our prototype will meet the requisites. Also we had to go through the process to get a student developer account for Windows 8 and to reserve our game name.

It’s going to fun to get this published.