GDC Happened!

Here’s the updated Trailer!

It’s been a long week of talking to people and showing off our game.

At GDC, Rachel and Tina presented the game for the Intel student showcase. It went really well. I played the game while they presented. Though we didn’t win it was a great experience and the audience loved our game.

we are now on Steam Greenlight. We have received some great responses and feedback on Steam. The team is super pumped to move forward to the end. We are in a place that we need to take our mechanics and make a cohesive solid experience.

The big thing is to talk to the team tomorrow in class and get rolling towards our thesis defense!


GDC Postmortem

GDC was this last week and it was very enjoyable. One of my instructors gave me some good advice at the end of the week and told me to do a postmortem of the experience. Think of things that I did during the conference and analyze the good and the bad things. With those in mind, I can make things better and then progress as a developer and a producer. I also thought that it would make a great blog post.

So here’s my list of how my experience was at GDC:

The Good:
– I spoke with more people that I thought I would.

– I met some great people that work on the production side of video game development and got some advice on how to market myself as a producer with programming skills.

– I had the opportunity to pitch my thesis game concept to other students and game dev professionals. Also was able to pitch other games from my cohort when asked if students build games for the Oculus Rift.

– I went to more networking events than I thought I would. I actually made contacts at the event. Usually in large noisy crowds my introvert side takes over but I was able to maintain composure and take to game devs.

The Bad:

– I am going to plan out my week better. I want to attend sessions and talks next year. I also would like to attend more parties and networking events. With a little more scheduling and a better pass I can accomplish this.

– I had a hard time approaching people that weren’t at a booth or at a party. When it came to seeing Game devs from companies I like or seeing names I’m familiar with, I was hesitant to talk to them. I missed several opportunities to speak with Game devs that have been an inspiration to me.

– This is a generic note for me, but I need to have more confidence in who I am and what I can do. I am aware of what I can do and what I can contribute to a studio. Sometimes I’m just a little to hard on myself.

The Ugly:

– The Career Pavilion. Looking for an internship was more of  a distant prayer and finding a job wasn’t a walk in the park either. The only use I saw in the career pavilion was to have professionals look over your resume/ portfolio and give tips.


Well there you have it.   I don’t have my time to cover all of my doings while at GDC, but I think this is a good basic overview of some of the things I learned from my GDC experience. Now we start on the Thesis Project. I have Unreal Engine 4 Downloaded and now it’s time to make some magic happen!