Cutting the deadline

Our Executive Producers have cut our time by a week because of fall break. Instead of giving us a week during the break to have a fleshed out prototype we get until 10/10/13. The saving grace is that instead of a formal presentation in front of the class, we are having a small elevator pitch with a sit down and play the games session with our EPs. With that in mind, we have to cut back the scope on our project. We got the game code back to where the online code was and now we are making the necessary changes to make it our own game.

We decided to add a Luigi mechanic to the game. Our game is going to be Pauline the princess running down the tower after a clumsy Luigi climbed up. She is going to have to bring Luigi down the tower. The mechanics that we are going to play with are all using Luigi as a shield, as a deterrent, as a utility item, or anything else that could seem fun. We already have seen that the running down mechanic is fun, but we are about a good days work until the code will make the game fun. We have divided the responsibilities of the code between the two programmers and myself and we are hard at work to get a fun game.

I’m not sure what to think about jumping fully onto the engineering team. It’s fun to be back in the code and organizing how we get all of it done, but I feel like I might be putting too much onto my co-producer even though he tells me that the opposite is true.

With deadlines closing, we are going to be pushing hard until the end. Go Fight Win Team! We can do it!