Pressing the buttons

We had our first playable due on Halloween. Our team had a good playable concept of what direction we wanted to go with our button pushing game. We had the player in a starting room with 5 buttons. One is red and 4 are white. ¬†There are also 2 doors in the room, a red one and a white one. For the first playable the doors led to the same room. The first room only has a door that leads to a small room with a button in it and a door ahead. When the player pushes the button the door in front of him opens and leads to another small room that just has a door and a button. This recursive room will continue as long as the player hits the button and walks through the door. When the player realizes that he/she is getting no where they check out the small room and see that there is no returning door. When the player turns around and goes through the door backwards to see where it goes they solved the puzzle and are find themselves in a new room. After play testing this among our team and the cohort we found that people were semi confused, but when they figured it out it was a wow moment for the player. Because of the awesome reactions we got to the simple puzzle, we have decided to make that the complex part of our simple game. Since then our engineers have designed some new puzzles and we have also play tested those. We are moving in a good direction. Our artist has done some amazing work in the past week. We have textures for the floors, ceilings, and walls. She also created a couple animations for the doors opening, and one for pushing the button. On top of that, she wanted to do sound and has taken on those ¬†tasks. This weekend I’ve taken advantage of my Unity experience and programming to try a bunch of different puzzles that we had spoken about in class. I tried 6 different ideas and only one of them gave the same kind of feeling that we are going for. It was inspired by Indiana Jones and the Last crusade. The step of faith. The player finds themselves on one side of a chasm and the button is on the other. They can walk all the way to the edge of the chasm to see that it drops to nothingness. Only when the player takes a step off the edge a path appears under their feet to the other side. Tomorrow I’ll be showing my team what I’ve done and we will continue working for a new extended playable Thursday. This game is coming along nicely. I’m super proud of my team. Onward and upward!