All is Dust Thesis Game – Week_6_Work: Final Fight

This week we have created the final fight of the game.

In the last scene, the player is in a place surrounded with burning crosses. And many scarecrows appear and then begin to attack the player. Player has to avoid the attack and protect himself while he has to break three pots in order to destroy these evils ceremony. Here are the screenshots that could help you get the idea about it:


All is Dust Thesis Game – Week_3_Work: Level Night Three Fire Cross Programming and Dust Obstacle

This week I worked on the night 3 level. Here are the works I have done:

1. Fix the bug of hanged scarecrow trigger.

2.Create the burning cross script for fire cross. The cross would activate according to the distance between the cross and player, which could optimize the code.

3.Create the dust obstacle in order to achieve the soft boundary for the level night three. Once the player gets out of the boundary, the dust around the player would be much heavier, indicating that player gets into the wrong path. If player gets back, the dust would be normal again.

4. Inside and outside dust trigger. When player is inside the house, there should be no dust. So I create a trigger in the front door of the house, once player gets out of the house, the trigger is activated, then there will be dust.


All is Dust Thesis Game – Week_1_Work:Level Night 1 Design and Narrative Work

This is a fictional book called “Witches’ Feast” in the player’s house. Player could read some part of this book and also found some broken pages in the farm.

Book “Witches’ Feast”

Pages Player could read from the book.

Page 38:

Witches’ Sabbath is the feast of witches. European records indicate case of persons being accused or tried for taking part in Sabbat gatherings. According to Hans Baldung Grien, the Sabbats that many Wiccans and Neo-Pagans follow are: Beltane (May 1), Litha (Summer Solstice) and Lammas (August 1). The salt, bread and oil were prohibited during the Sabbath because Devil hated them. And human flesh, especially… (The page is broken)


Page 122:

Witch trials were a period of witch hunts that took place across early modern Europe and the European colonies in North America between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. Over these three centuries, an estimated total of 40,000 people were executed, usually by burning.


Page 156:

After 1750, it was very rare for an accused witch to undergo a judicial process and be threatened with execution, but there was still a danger from popular justice and lynch mobs.


Page: 158

During 1750 to 1920, there were 569 recorded lynchings of witches in Southern United States, including Georgia, Texas, Oklahoman, Mississippi and Alabama.


Newspaper: Old woman arrested for abusing child

May 1, 1928

A woman from Oklahoma was arrested on child abuse charges after a 9-year-old girl told authorities she had been burned and tortured while the woman was dressed in a witch costume.


Time: Senator Joseph Robinson

June 25, 1928

The cover is the photo of the senator Joseph Robinson,


Pages Player could find in the farm.

Page 39:

Human bones and children would be stewed in a special way during the Sabbath.

Page 216:

In order to go to hell after death, witches hold Witches’ Sabbath more frequently to please the Devil.

It was believed that the end of the world would soon come, and the Devil began to develop into a more threatening form, more souls of the witches were back to the world as the servant of the Devil.

Some pictures providing inspiration:

 Night One Design


GameEngineering_2: Final Game – “Lost Rabbits in Silence”

Game Description

“Lost Rabbits in Silence” is a third-person view horror game where the player needs to find his five lost friends in a mystic small town fulled of fog. This game is made for showing the respect and love for the classical horror game “Silent Hill”.

Download Link

Debug Build:

Release Build:

If you met the error “MSVCP120d.dll is missing” when you run the demo, please download vs2013 visual C++ redistributable package x86 (32bit version), here is the link:

Game Screenshots

Game_1 Game_2 Game_3

Game Controls

Arrow Keys for Player Movement

WASD Keys for Camera Movement

Esc for exit

When game begins, you need to control the character to move around in this small town to find his five lost friends. Some are abandoned outside, and some are hided inside the house.  You have to move forward and go through the fog beyond your vision to find your friends.

In debug build, press P to enable the debug lines, which all point to the positions of five rabbits, and press O to disable the debug lines.



Game Technical Detailed

This game is made by Hui engine, which is created by myself. The engine is developed in C++, using DirectX 9 and lua.

What I learned from the class really helps me a lot for creating this game. The knowledge and lua programming skills about the graphics like mesh, material and texture, help me organize the game art assets. Now the game art assets are well-organized and flexible to change and edit. Here is my game’s art assets folders.



Meanwhile, what I learn about the shader in class contribute to my game’s final effect a lot. As I have fully understand the function of vertex shader and pixel shader, it is easy for me to add more image effect for my game. Here I have added the fog effect for my game. In general, adding fog effect is pretty simple. All you need is to calculate the fog factor and then use the fog formulas to add the fog color to each pixel at last.

Here is the fog formulas I use for the game:

Linear Fog = (FogEnd – ViewpointDistance) / (FogEnd – FogStart)

Fog Color = FogFactor * TextureColor + (1.0 – FogFactor) * FogColor

And here is my final pixel shader of my game:


The fog effect part is here:



Also I take advantage of  DirecX sound code to add the background music into my game.

At Last

I want to extend my gratitude to our class teacher John Paul and class TA Jamie. This class is great! I really learn a lot about the game graphics and also get experience of the game industry project development. These sleepless nights of working on this project would be the sweetest and most unforgettable memory of my EAE MGS time.

All is Dust Thesis Game – Week_14_Work: Before the EAE Open House

Final Gameplay Process

1. Player awakes in the first room of the house, and two of the doors are closed, only the one that leads to the outside is opened.

2. After the player moves out of the house, the ghost will lead the player to the position of the lantern.

3. It is fine if the player could not find the lantern, but he has to face the dark corn field without any light except the lighting in the sky.

4. Player will go through two scarecrows wave attack. And if he could find three items of four in the game level and return to the house, then he will survive.

Game End Scene Bug fixed

When we built the game, we found that the game could not enter the end scene as it worked well in Unity Editor.  This bug took us a long time to fix and finally we found that after player’s health point is below 0, the Application.LoadLevel function had not been executed. So we changed the level load condition, and when the player health point is below 0.3f, execute the level load function. This time, the end scene could be loaded well for the build version of our game.

Game Player Height Adjust and Scarecrow Size Adjust

As some players gave us feedback before about the problem of the player’s height. This time I changed the player’s height to make it more comfortable. Relatively I also adjust the size of the scarecrows as we found why the scarecrow is not creepy enough is because it is too small.


Now you can see the height of the player is reasonable.



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Lighting Effect Improvement

John has achieved the lighting script and we added the glow effect to the camera. So when the lighting comes, the script would enable the glow effect script, which makes the lighting more sacred.



Lantern Light Redesign

After I analyzed the night scene of the horror game “The Forest”, I found that the light of the lantern should not be point light. And also the light effect of the current game is not so good.Here is “The Forest” light effect:


So I adjust the setting of our lantern and here is the final result:


Scarecrow Wave Attack Process Design

1. The fog begins, enable the fog of the game scene.


2. Rain stops falling down and all sounds would be mute.

3. The siren begins to ring.

4. Scarecrows appear and begin to attack.


5. After a certain of time, scarecrows disappear in the form of dust.