All is Dust Thesis Game – Week_9_10_Work : All is Dust Design 3.0

All is Dust Design Document Five

Now each point place should have more events and more information, which the event could be scarecrow attack, item picking up, puzzle and narrative elements.

The point places include: barn, animal pen, silo, windmill, well, wagon.

Player could explore any open point places at each night. He could choose the place he wants to go. Once he completes a certain place event, the map will show that place has been checked. Also, inside the house, we will use six candles to show how many events the player has experienced. Like this:

One event complete


Three events complete


Even though we have six point places right now, we need to make sure the priority of these places. And these six places are divided into three groups:

Group 1: Silo, Wagon, Animal Pen

For these three places, player could explore since the beginning.

Group 2: Barn, Well

For these two places, player could not explore at night one. But after night one, he is able to explore them. Here, “could not explore” means this place would not show more information, or the event trigger would not be activated. For example, barn is locked at night one. So player could not explore the barn at first.

Group 3: Windmill

This is the final place of the game, so only at the last night could player explore this place.

In general, except group one, group two and group three places would be somehow “locked” at night one. And group two would be activated at night two, and group three would be activated at final night.


1.Animal Pen

Goal: Player burn the bone in the pit.

Event: After player burn the bone, more fire would rise on the ground and form the shape of evil symbol.

Player enters the animal pen.

  1. Finds the pit with bone, notice that all animals were dead.
  2. Get the gasoline.
  3. Pull it into the pit and then burn it.
  4. The fire rise, forming in the shape of devil symbol.

“The animal pen has been abandoned so long. I remember we were planning to burn these bodies before we left. But then… Patricia? Damn it! I still could not remember what happened later.”


Goal: Find the wheels of the wagon.

Event: After player finds the two missing wheels and put them back to the wagon, these wheels will rotate, with noise kind of like moan.

  1. Player finds the broken wagon.
  2. Get the information that two wheels are missing.
  3. Find two missing wheels in the surrounding place.
  4. Put them back to the wagon.
  5. Hear the noise as wheels begin to rotate.
  6. When player leaves the wagon, scarecrow appears and then chase the player.

“Kill you all… Kill… Kill…All of you…”


Goal: Reach the top of the silo and collect the lost pages

Event: Scarecrow will be activated once player reaches the silo. If player stays on the top of the silo too long, crows will attack player.

And more trees should be added to silo places, because we don’t want player could see silo clearly from far distance. Something should be hided first.

A test in Unity3D.



Goal: Get the item in the bucket

Event: Find the crank and then get the key in the bucket.


No change.


No change.

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