All is Dust Thesis Game – Week_13_Work : All is Dust Item Description System Problem Fixed

Before we published the final version of our game, me and Huali found some severe bugs in our game. As we played the game by controller, the instruction in game still shows the keyboard input information (Like F) rather than controller input information ( Like X).

Then I checked the code for each game objects’s item description script, and I found out that some scripts have not been merged into the newest description system, making them more static instead of dynamic. In general, each object should share only one item description script, and the relative showing text could be found through a static description text script. But now, some game objects have their own description script, and showing text is set by the script itself, which is extremely inconvenient.

So I removed the unnecessary description script and merge those game objects into the item description system.  And now the game objects could show the text correctly according to the input type, as controller would show the information like “X”, and keyboard would show the information like “F”.

About Jinghui Dong

An engineer student from Cohort4 class in EAE program in University of Utah. Be passionate about the game development, game design, and still interested in art.
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