All is Dust Thesis Game – Week_11_Work : All is Dust Bug Fixed

This week I have fixed several bugs in our game:

1.Remove duplicated terrain

I found that there are two terrains in night level three, making the game running kind of slowly. After removing the duplicated terrain, the game run much faster.

2.Dust obstacle bug

As player gets into the dust obstacle, the dust intensity would increase greatly. But the boundary of the dust obstacle has not been considered quite well, so sometimes the dust intensity would decrease wrongly. So I changed the shape of the dust obstacle’s boundary to circle, which solves this problem quite well.

3.Pot destroyed Text bug

After the pots have been destroyed, there should be no showing text anymore. And I made the program remove the floating name objects after the pots are destroyed, which would no longer confused players.

About Jinghui Dong

An engineer student from Cohort4 class in EAE program in University of Utah. Be passionate about the game development, game design, and still interested in art.
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