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So our game got selected! I am very excited to move forward with development. Our Professors told us they support our original decision to make a first person multiplayer game since the 360 FOV camera brings such a unique approach to it, I think they initially questioned us making a multiplayer game because they wanted us to really think if making a multiplayer game would make the game better. Since our design goal and problem in mind is to make a multiplayer fps with a 360 camera, we thought that was more than enough reason. So we now have 14 people on our team, going from the smallest to tied for the largest team. 6 engineers, 4 artists, 1 tech artist and 3 producers. We start organizing our teams, selecting leads for art and engineering. For that we all asked Daniel and Jon since they were part of the original team of the game, the few that were willing to step up to that position, and very knowledgeable at their craft. For us producers, since we had 3, I asked them if it was okay if I took mostly a designer role rather than producer and they were okay with that. Andrew wanted to take solely a producer role and Greg didn’t mind floating between the two. Everything was organized and set up but we only had a week before we go to GDC so the only things we could do this week was make a good gameplay trailer and business cards. We set out to GDC with our roles set so we could gain as much knowledge as we could to do our part.

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