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With EAE day approaching, we were working to get a multiplayer build by then. I have been working on some level designs in the previous few weeks. I decided upon one that was a sky city with open platform and bridges, 3 levels of vertically and a 3 storied building in the middle. I prototyped it with Daniel and then I made a list of assets I needed and set it to our environment artist, Spencer. He built modular platforms and bridges and a few buildings for landmarks. There was a lot of sending things back and forth to be modified to accomplish my level design. It was then when I realized how important it was for the level designer to have art knowledge and be able to work well with the artists. I received the teleporters and jump pads I requested from one of the engineers. The jump pads didn’t work so I had to modify the level a bit to accommodate that. I should have worked and communicated better with the engineer to remedy this earlier. I started my level designer internship this week at React games so I won’t have as much time as before to work on the game, though we have more than enough manpower to pick up some of my slack.

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